Tronicat la Miez

Who is Tronicat?

"...Another favourite artiste amongst the audience was Tronicat la Miez, all the way from Germany, with her beasty performance, metamorphosing along the way into a tentacle beast. Her fantastic costume and various changes were absolutely first class, showing imagination, and great story telling. An absolute delight to watch...!"


by Eva Lamour,

Burlesque Map, London




Tronicat La Miez is the girl you leave your mistress for—German, blonde, harsh, inviting; a classic hourglass figure and a classic movie star face.  The cartoon cat tattooed on her left side dances as she cavorts, and her pounding floorwork—bathing in the popping flashbulbs—is full-on knocking on heaven’s back door.  If you met her in a bar, you’d go home thinking of her, and if you saw her last night, you woke up thinking of her. „ ( Blog USA)




Tronicat la Miez works as a Burlesqueperformer and Showgirl since over 10 years now.

She graduated in Costumedesign and works also as Makeup Artist.

Leaving the path of a classic dancing career, she decided to

Since she started walking and thinking, Tronicat had the deep wish, to entertain people in her own way!

At the age of 18 she started to work as a professional dancer.

In the year 2007 the cat came to the long forgotten vaudeville art form Burlesque, where she finally found a home!

Until then she has performed all around the globe on stages in Europe, U.S. and Asia.

In her time as a Burlesque performer, she evolved into one of Germanys most important and interesting ecdysiasts!

Next to other international awards she won, like the Amsterdam Burlesque Award, she was voted into the list of Europes most influential Burlesque artists.



Tronicat works on 2-3 new routines a year, including design and manufacturing the costumes, and leaves her creative marks, wherever she hits the stage!